Simple Things We All Forget

A handmade object has a quality to it that can never exist in something mass-produced, intention.

Someone who crafts and object from hand to sell does so with the intention to impress another person into purchasing it, relying on their word of mouth to generate more customers; the object is made with care. Care because the object must last, care because they had to stress constantly making sure everything is correct and that the object operates as it is supposed to. Handcrafted objects have to be made to last, they have to retain their beauty, or become more beautiful with age. A mass produced object can never attain any of these qualities.

Someone who crafts an object from hand as a gift leaves the object with a quality even more superior to the salesman; the object is instilled with love. A gift for a partner, your child, your parent, your friend; the intention here is to convey the message of importance, how much the existence of the  other means to you. I toiled away for hours, perfecting this object, blood sweat and tears may not exist as something perceptible on the finished product, but they will forever remain on it nevertheless. ‘I did not shop for this object, an object that already existed, I am the Being bringing-forth this object into existence.’


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