Rethinking my approach

I have been working on a variety of essays for university, this website (which will end in September), and the website which will replace this one (which you can help me start by clicking here). Throughout the year thay I have had this page I have been in a state of trial and error on how to present my ideas, the goals I want to achieve, etc. It has been stressful, some of my work has been recieved better than others, some has been taken down by WordPress on multiple occasions.

I wouldn’t say this page has been a failure, I have had some messages, emails and comments with praise that that I appreciate, and which helps me continue to push on and get better at what I am doing. However, I feel that I could be way more effective than what I have been. Sometimes I can present my arguments in more solid manner, sometimes I get carried away and become too polemical, it is hard to avoid this when you are very passionate about what you write, and very angry about the subject matter.

I feel that a bit of ‘Nietzschean polemicism’ is necessary at times to carry your message like a hammer to a nail. The biggest fault to modern philosophy, or academia in general, is also the fact that academics do not present their ideas in an enticing and interesting way (they do not present their ideas to the public at all, really). A polemic presentation is going to appeal more to the public, philosophy is meant to make our lives better and change our perspective, the ideas of philosophers should be given to the public, not confined to dusty offices and dying academic journals. I want to make positive change, not partake in this idiotic and ineffective nonsense.

On my next website I want to start fresh. I am reading work by new authors and new disciplines, and rereading the works of philosophers that have been crucial in the development of my thought: Alain de Benoist, Slavoj Zizek, Guillaume Faye, Tomislav Sunic, Jean Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, Heidegger, Evola and, of course, Nietzsche!

I need to refine the way I write. Some of the essays I have on here (and the ones that I have had on here but have been taken down by WordPress).

I will continue to publish here, of course. But most of my efforts will be directed to the turn in direction, the next stage in my writing. I must continue to progress and develop. I must deliver my arguments in a more structured, academic form, but also, more entertaining and interesting…

Help me move to a new site and better things here

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