Mountain Peaks I



Notes From ‘European Nihilism’ #1


Nihilism is the attempt to find meaning in the meaningless.


What do I hate? People who have found meaning. What do I love? Nothingness.


To demand all the benefits of a society while rejecting all responsibility it is an act of narcissism.
Everybody wants to be special, an “individual”, yet they care not for others unless they are exactly the same as them – “they must be identical to my individuality.”


Just because the building is now knocked down it does not mean that there is nothing of value amongst the rubble.


Every positive must have a negative.

Without darkness there is no light – how can we know what light is without something to compare it to?

Without war there is no peace – what value is peace without the intensity from which it arises?

Without pain there is no pleasure – if you do not struggle to obtain something have you truly earned it?

So, do you want to feel true love? Break your heart first. If you haven’t felt pain, then you cannot appreciate art.


I hit the keys with intention, though no true emotion fueled the required gestures. The words I wrote were not inked with blood, if you feel nothing while you write then what you produce is nothing other than a simulation – the body of the product has no material form, there lies no soul but a projection, a meaningless fabrication. If I do not feel moved by each sentence I feel like I have committed a crime – in-authenticity is the opium of the masses, authentic art is the embodiment of justice. If the intention of the artist is to provide truth, regardless of accepted morals of that society, then the artist is the Just.

You may lock my painting in your closet, but you will never change its appearance, your evil actions will disfigure it –  thought your knife will never will.

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