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Which one of Guillaume Faye’s books is the most influential in your opinion? I have read Archeofuturism and Why We Fight so far. The last chapter, ‘Why We Are Fighting is probably the best piece of work he ever wrote.”

Out of the books translated into English so far, Archeofuturism is easily his most important text. We are in dire need of big-picture thinking, new ideas and grand visions that we can strive towards or use as a foundation from which we can build upon. Archeofuturism gives us a foundation, one that is both a grand idea but also something that is actually somewhat realistic.

But there is much more to this book as well, he critiques existing ideas, while also providing a positive solution. Nietzsche, who Faye admired greatly, has always been criticised for attacking and dismantling while never providing an alternative idea (this criticism is both true and false, but this isn’t the place to explain why). Both the Left and Right of our current era are caught up in this war of ideas where both sides attack each others ideology while not providing a counter idea – by this I mean a new idea.

Ideologically the West has completely stagnated, Faye was very much aware of this, and it is undoubtedly true. We have a Left that is promoting the dead ideologies of socialism, communism, etc. While we have the Right who are promoting various failed forms of conservatism, we have the ‘Daily Stormer’ idiots clinging to their dead idols. A Left and Right gripped in ideological-nihilism moving along on a train track that leads off a cliff. The sweet irony is that both the Left and Right claim to be influenced by Nietzsche yet they never put into practice his transvaluation of all values. Guillaume Faye, however, did put it into practice.

Despite being influenced by people like, for example, Julius Evola, he was fully willing to critique his ideas. Not only this, but if you look at the sources Faye cites he draws from Left and Right – quoting Freudian psychoanalysis, the Marxist philosophers Guy Debord and Jean Baudrillard, Faye wasn’t sitting on that train heading towards the edge of a cliff, he wandered around the realm of ideas exploring. He was a truly objective, radical thinker. Both the Left and Right could, and should, learn more from him. This idiocy of ‘oh I am Right-wing so I will only pay attention to people who ideologically align with me’ is exactly why we are stuck into this chaotic mess in the first place. Nobody thinks for themselves, they follow the herd and wander aimlessly. They are terrified of their own ideas being challenged.

Archeofuturism shows just what can be achieved when you challenge your own values and learn how to contemplate problems from a variety of angles. Aware of the problems facing Europe, Faye points out accurately that each nation isolating itself completely is empirically futile and abstractly empty – European nations need to work together, a federation is the ideal way to do this, but obviously not in the form the ‘European Union’ is currently in. From my own point of view, as someone who is not a white nationalist (I repeat, not, BuzzFeed) I have made this some point repeatedly to people, each European ethnicity is declining demographically, the idea of individual ethnostates for each European ethnicity is utterly pointless, if anything it would be antithetical to their idea, it would speed up the decline. Faye saw this, Europeans need to work together as a whole to keep the European nations and cultures alive.

Each of Faye’s books is valuable in their own right, but Archeofuturism is indispensable. He wrote the world as he saw it, he didn’t dress things up to meet the expectations of his readers, he spoke his own mind – as an author should, writers should write as who they are. I have agreements and disagreements with Faye, but I admire him all the more for it.


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