Moving Forward – Update

As I have mentioned in the past, I will be moving to a new platform in September. A ‘rebranding’ will also be happening. ‘Philosophizing with a hammer’ will be left behind for something more inventive, creative, original. I will continue to write normal essays full of references and such – thought I will, however, spend more time working on them. I am already working on a more in-depth essay on the term ‘fascist’, somewhat of a spin off from the Translating Evola series.

Translations will continue. The upcoming one by Evola ‘Sulla risoluzione ario-romana, dell’Italia fascista‘ will have the first two or three parts uploaded here. As it is quite long the remaining parts will be uploaded on the next website.

Finally, the inspiration for the rebranding is ‘top secret’. I will not say too much, but I am working on something different. I want to post more frequently, something more relaxing and more authentic. I am writing something far more engaging, it is still Nietzschean, it is still in essence philosophizing with a hammer, but different from what I have been writing here. Ciao!

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